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Roofing Warranties Explained

Deciding who will roof your home is a BIG decision. How can one be certain that their roofer is doing right by them and not cutting corners? Here’s a question to ask your roofer.

How MANY vents are you putting on my roof? There are FREE apps that will tell you how many vents that you need on your roof per its square footage. Unfortunately, vents are often skipped to save a buck, but the long term damage that this causes is monumental. It ages your roof much faster, causing granules to fall off early leaving your roof exposed to the elements. They say that poor or non-existent ventilation might cause attic temperatures to rise to 150 degrees or higher in the summer. A temperature that your roof was never meant to get up to. This leads to damaged shingles and other roofing materials, as well as a buildup of condensation and development of mildew and mold. Improper ventilation also voids the home owners warranty.

Here’s HOW roofing warranties work. For example, say I’m installing a GAF shingle, then I need to also have at least 3 other GAF roofing components plus proper ventilation or the warranty is nullified. Roofing components like GAF starter, ice and water, felt, ridge, ect. And yes the manufacturer will be a stickler about this if an issue occurs that calls for the warranty to be used. The most common disqualification is the lack of roofing vents. Apps like allow us to put in the square footage of the roof, and it tells the specific number of vents needed to get that roof up to code. It makes it simple. There are other things that could disqualify your roof from being warrantied. However, the first thing that will be checked is ventilation. We ensure that EVERY home owner is brought up to code with ventilation on their roof. Our reputation at Dynamic Roofing and Construction is on the line with every roof we put on, and we understand the importance of going the extra mile to ensure a great experience for our home owners.

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jason abbott
jason abbott
03 nov 2023

Tim Ross was so patient through the whole process and Dustin Watters was consistently checking with me to ensure I was in loop on the whole process and satisfied. Excellent customer service. It was a pain free as you could hope.

Me gusta
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